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★★★★★  Good, unclean fun!  Buy buy buy—this is a sure satisfier, trust me on this.

★★★★★  This book is expertly researched, has loads of interesting information about counterfeiting but is never boring.  Mike Wells deftly integrates the technical background into the action.  He said he made a special research trip to Washington, D.C. and it shows! 

★★★★★ If there was a 10star rating then that’s what I would have given as 5 stars do not do this book justice.

★★★★★  You will be hooked! Not since Sidney Sheldon has a male author captured a woman's perspective so well.

★★★★★  Plot keeps you guessing with one unexpected twist after another.  You won’t go wrong with this book.  I want more!!!

★★★★★  Mike hooked me. And yeah, I agree with the other reviewers, I couldn't put it down. That's saying a lot, because I'm very busy, get bored easy, and was already reading a bestseller. I put down the other book in favor of this one.

★★★★★ This book is a journey through the entire emotional spectrum. Love, revenge, danger, and pride propel the reader through this excellent novel.

★★★★★ Laundry? Forgotten. Dishes? Piled up in the sink. And don’t talk to me. I am reading Lust, Money & Murder.

★★★★★  This book was so captivating and amazing I couldn't put it down. I bought the book at 10pm and opened it up, at 2am I clicked to the last page with even more enthusiasm than when I started.

★★★★★ Don’t start this book if you have anything important to collecting your children from kindergarten!  I nearly forgot.

★★★★★   This could be a movie! Well-written and factual in detail, I enjoyed this face-paced thriller and look forward to reading more of Mike's work!

★★★★★  I am totally hooked and can't wait to read the other two books in this series.

★★★★★  Mr. Wells, you don’t charge enough for your books.

★★★★★  The kind of book you want to give to your daughter, but also have the urge to hide from her!  This story touches on the brightest and darkest aspects of human nature.

★★★★★  I could not put the book down. It was full of action, the story felt realistic and I loved every protagonist, even the villain.

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