Cast of Characters

(In order of appearance)

Elaine Brogan is the heroine in Lust, Money & Murder series.  Elaine is not a "superwoman," but an ordinary human being who finds herself caught up in extraordinary circumstances.  After experiencing a devastating family tragedy at the age of 16, Elaine vows to punish the man responsible.  To this end, she sets her sights on becoming a U.S. Secret Service agent, but this is only the beginning of her adventures.  She soon finds herself transiting the globe and entangled with some of the world's most powerful—and charming—criminals.  When Elaine is betrayed and abandoned, will she rise above the temptation to join the other side, or will she sink into a life of obscene wealth and corruption?

Patrick Brogan, a low-paid construction worker, is Elaine Brogan's father. Though he's not much of a husband, Patrick is a model parentnothing is too good for his daughter.  Determined to get Elaine out of their run-down neighborhood and away from bad influences, Patrick enrolls Elaine in an expensive private school.  He dedicates himself to ensuring that Elaine has the best possible education and future...even if he has to resort to criminal activities to foot the bill.  Patrick loves all things Irish.  Although he's never set foot in Ireland or actually met anyone from that country, he firmly believes he is distantly related to an Irish princess and that royal blood runs through his veins.  He dreams that Elaine will somehow recapture the family's high-flown heritage.

Described as "a jet black, 5 foot 10 inch tower of power," Luna Faye is the head martial arts instructor at the Secret Service Training Academy in Laurel, Maryland.  There, student agents are trained to serve as bodyguards for the President of the United States and other high government officials.   In Luna's words, nobody—and she means nobody—gets through her intensive training program without learning to "kill the attacker three ways before he hits the ground."  Luna has it in for Elaine Brogan from the start, viewing Elaine as a too-feminine girly-girl who hasn't the slightest chance of making it through the program and actually becomomg Secret Service agent.  Luna Faye becomes Elaine Brogan's worst nightmare.

Tall, broad-shouldered, laid back Nick LaGrange is the "SAIC," or Special Agent In Charge, of the U.S. Secret Service field office in Sofia, Bulgaria.  Nick loathes bureaucracy.  He purposefully chooses to work at the organizations most undesirable location to be "as far away from headquarters as possible."  Though Nick operates in unconventional, high-risk ways that would make the higher-ups in Washington shudder, he's an amazing agent and an expert at tracking down the most elusive currency counterfeiters.  He is also an excellent manager.  He is Elaine' boss, at least for a while, and he quickly zeroes in on Elaine's talent for recognizing fake paper money.  While Nick helps her develop her skills, Elaine falls head over heels in love with him.

A lifelong employee of the U.S. Treasury Department, Gene Lassiter reports directly to the TreasurerHis office is in one of the coveted suites on the top floor of the Treasury Building, with a view of the White House. Lassiter holds a position that it so top secret it does not appear on any organizational chart.  He is in charge of developing all the “covert” anti-counterfeiting features that are designed into American paper money.  During the past few years, Lassiter has become a victim of Parkinson’s disease, and he's forced to walk with a cane.  Most recently the aging, suffering man has developed a taste for young, beautiful lovers with lifestyles that outstrip his government salary.

Gypsy is Gene Lassiter’s current flame.  Half-Armenian and half-German, Gypsy has a thick mane of long, dark, curly hair, and bewitching eyes.  Lassiter describes Gypsy as “human Viagra.” Gypsy has tastes that make the term "high maintenance" an understatement.  Gypsy moves from one wealthy man to another, draining each one's bank account dry.   Gene Lassiter constantly fantasizes about the two of them running away together and living in a mountain chalet in Switzerland.  But Gypsy has other plans.  Currently living in Berlin with the latest lover and "benefactor," Gypsy isn't sure that the elderly Lassiter will ante-up.

Dmitry is a taxi driver in Moscow.  He may be a bit on the scruffy side and drive a battered old Lada, but he he is a man of principles.   He refuses to pay the bribes to the mafia gang who controls the Sheremetyevo Airport.  As a result, Dmitry has to struggle to find enough business to survive.  He takes great pride in his family.  His daughter is in medical school at Moscow State University, and he can barely pay the bills.  He's frustrated with the corruption in Moscow and says the government, the police, and the criminals are all just "one big Mafia."  Though Dmitry knows it's crazy, he dreams that one day the American FBI will come "kill all the criminals" just like they do in Hollywood movies. Eventually Dmitry and Elaine Brogan cross paths.

Giorgio Cattoretti is one of the most accomplished counterfeiters in the world.  Suave, charming and sophisticated, Cattoretti was born in a poverty-stricken suburb of Rome and left for the USA when he was only 18.  But he was soon arrested for selling fake Rolex watches, and, after serving a horrific two year sentence in the notorious Attica prison in upstate New York, he was deported to Italy.  But, as he puts it, "The Cat always lands on his feet."  Settling in Milan, he went on to become of the world's leading manufacturers of illegal knock-off designer clothing. Satisfied with that accomplishment, Cattoretti has now moved on to much more ambitious project—to create the word's most perfect counterfeit $100 bill.  As a man who has survived some of life's most difficult challenges Giorgio Cattoretti is the type of person who stops at nothing to achieve his goals. 

Tony is Giorgio Cattoretti's head housekeeper and cook.  Gregarious and openly gay, Tony is one of the top chefs in Italy.  Though he now lives in Milan, like Cattoretti, he is originally from Rome.  He takes create pride in his Southern Italian cooking.  Tony scoffs that all Northern Italian chefs are "dilettantes."  As for French chefs...well, don't get him started!  Tony turns a blind eye to his boss's underhanded dealings and wants to believe the Giorgio Cattoretti is the loving, altruistic benefactor to the community that Cattoretti presents himself to be.